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Welcome to the most trusted Australian vehicle inspection service. We provide a variety of vehicle inspection services to empower you to make the most informed decision about the car you intend to buy. Besides that, with our inspections, you can get the complete details of the state of your current car. 

Enhancing road safety and safeguarding the environment  Motor vehicles in most countries must comply with the respective national safety and environmental standards in Perth. There is more focus by governments to implement legislation to curb road accidents and reduce the environmental impact caused by non-complying vehicles.  In Australia, roadworthy or roadworthiness checks like the British MOT do not need regular execution. While the rules differ from state to state or territory to another, a safety certificate (referred to as safety) is a common requirement when selling a car, when it is over a certain age, or when a car is written-off but still in a repairable state. The requirement of roadworthy certificates is a measure to reduce the volume of poorly maintained cars on the road. 

Qualified Mechanics  We confidently guarantee quality services due to the skill of our mechanics. Our mechanics are experienced with years of working in the industry. Thus you can sit back and relax. While the report produced by our mechanics might be detailed and technical, you do not need to worry if you are not as versed with mechanical terms. Our technicians will personalise the feedback to your understanding.  Pre-Purchase Inspections  Are you planning on buying a car but have worries about making an expensive mistake and falling into a trap? We offer professional car inspection services that help you in making this big financial decision. This pre-purchase inspection service is of great use to thousands of people who need to buy a new or a used car in Australia.  

We perform highly skilled inspections that are unrivaled in the industry. The need for skill is vital as it allows us to locate the most delicate details concerning the car you intend to buy, thus allowing you to make the most informed decisions regarding the vehicle. This way, we aid you to steer clear of the most prevalent pitfalls that people encounter. With our detailed report, we guide you in making a confident purchase.  

Safety Certificates  A safety certificate ensures that the vehicles on the road are safe for use. We issue a detailed inspection for safety to not only keep the driver and passengers safe but also guarantee the safety of other road users.  Comprehensive motor vehicle inspections  To give you total peace of mind that you need with your car, we check the entire body, mechanics and the interior if the car. We perform numerous checks so ensure that we unravel the complete condition of the car. We go the extra mile of giving the car a real road test, which makes our report more informative. We take care of inspections across the board, ranging from the mechanical parts to the chassis and body.

Here are some of the checks we perform, so you can identify the exact conditions of your car:    
– Steering  – Lights  – Tyres  – Brakes  – Suspension  – Windscreen  – Battery  – Sunroof   – Heater operation  – Electric windows  – Air vents  – Child Safety and Restraint  – Cooling fan operation  – Coolant recovery tank  – Balance compression test  – Heat valve adjustment  – AC compressor  – Fuel system operation  – Transfer case  – Engine and transmission leans  – CV joint/ drive-shaft/ boots/ universal joint  – Power steering rack leakage  – Alternator  – CO2 and cooling pressure test  – A/C condenser  – Engine valve stem condition  – Brake master cylinder  – Differential  – Hydraulic hose and free movement  – Ball joint and tie rod ends  – Shock absorber/ McPherson strut leakage  – Body damage or rust  – Seats and seat-belts  – Exhaust and emission system 

We carry out territory and state authorised inspections to ensure that your current car or the vehicle you intend to buy meets the regional and national standards of road safety. Guaranteed Convenience and Integrity The ease with which we deliver our services to you will give you the convenience you deserve in having your current or prospective car evaluated. We value the integrity of the results because we realise that the information you get will be paramount to your decision and future plans. We will explain any defects found and how any of the problems might affect your usage of the car.

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