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We understand when it comes to used and pre purchase vehicle inspections there are many other competitors here in Perth, but understand we have grown a reputation for being one of the best with the most affordable pricing. 

We follow a strict set of minimum requirements ensuring nothing goes unturned after all keep you our customers safe is our number one priority. Our business is locally owned and operated and we also offer a highly convenient mobile pre purchase inspection. So, what does that mean for our Perth clientele? It means that you can go about your day and we can go to a convenient location wherever the car may be. We can go to car yards or a private residence. 

Pre Purchase & Used Car Check

Fully mobile automobile checks

What we Offer.

  • Engine checks, we will check oil and fluids levels & condition. We also check the power steering, pressure tests, cooling system, pulleys, drive belts, radiator, head gasket and more.
  • Under body of car, we will have a look over of the steering components, suspensions, hoses, exhaust system, drive lines, shock absorbers & wheel bearings.
  • Tyres, we check each tyre to ensure amount of tread, spares, rims and nuts.
  • Lighting, we ensure all lights are in good working order both interior and exterior.
  • Battery & charging, we will check the vehicle’s charge rate, condition, type and size. Also, we will check the electrolyte levels, terminals & leads.
  • Interior, this is when we check seat belts for issues, we make sure all the windows are working and also check out the condition and operations of the air conditioner.
  • Brakes yes, we also check the breaks on all vehicles here we look at the pads, discs, handbrake and brake hoses for complete peace of mind.

So, when you want to book in call us for a free quote. Offering affordable rates for all if you want a great service and a good price get in touch right away to secure your next vehicle inspection.

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